Tinsue Sports Rubber Floor Was Re-certified by ITT


Recently, a good news came from the ITTF official website that Tinsue Sports Rubber Floor has been certified by the ITTF again. The products certified by the ITTF was TTO500S in this time, which is the designated floor for the Tokyo Olympics table tennis competition courts. So far, the Tinsue ITTF certification family is added by a new member and TTO500S, TLO500R and TRO700G are released.

ITTF Certification.

 As a special product for the Tokyo Olympics table tennis courts, Tinsue TTO500S has been certified by the ITTF, which is another continuation and promotion of Tinsue`s “Olympic Quality”. From the approval from the London Olympics to the praise from the Rio Olympics, the two products have been highly praised by the two Olympic Games. Although the Tokyo Olympics was postponed, the TTO500S rubber floor designated for the Tokyo Olympics table tennis competitions was the first certified by the ITTF. “Olympic Quality” is the eternal creed of Tinsue products.

Tinsue Olympic Family

ITTF is the abbreviation of International Table Tennis Federation, which is the organization and management authority of various international table tennis competitions, and has the right to negotiate and evaluate the rules of international table tennis competitions. In accordance with the ITTF technical specification, only table tennis balls, table tennis tables and court floors certified by ITTF can be used for international table tennis competitions.

Therefore, it is not easy to obtain ITTF certification, and requires rigorous and lengthy tests. From TLO500R to TRO700G to TTO500S, the testing parameters of the three products have reached the optimal state. The TTO500S specially customized for the Tokyo Olympics has a qualitative improvement in testing parameters such as shock absorption, friction, wear resistance, uniformity and flatness.

Among the three ITTF certified products, TRO700G has an absolute “Hard Power”. In accordance with the strict requirements of international competitions, many floor products need to be used with auxiliary wooden floors in order to obtain the stable parameters required by the competitions. The Tinsue TRO700G product is the first product in China that can be directly paved on rigid floors such as cement floors and ceramic tiles for international competitions, and all parameters meet the relative requirements.

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Differences between ITTF certified products and ordinary products

In accordance with the ITTF testing and certification requirements, any floor will be tested from various aspects. Only when all testing parameters meet the testing requirements, it can the certified. In case of any failure, it will not be certified, especially in the strict requirements about shock absorption, friction coefficient, wear resistance and other key parameters.

① Only table tennis equipment and courts that have been approved by ITTF and have obtained ITTF certificates can be used for international table tennis competitions.

② The products that have passed the ITTF certification will be provided with the product performance test report and the ITTF official certificate from the ITTF official accredited laboratory.


③ The manufacturer information and product information that have passed the ITTF certification will be listed on the ITTF official website.

Tinsue Sports Rubber Floor has been certified by the ITTF again, which is a recognition of the quality of Tinsue products and enriches the certification system of Tinsue`s existing products. The Tinsue will continue to create more high-quality products for domestic and foreign competitions and the national fitness sports.